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Our team is composed of trauma-informed indigenous scholar-practitioners, each bringing advanced graduate-level education and years of experience in plant medicine and psychedelic-assisted therapeutic practices within ritualistic and ceremonial contexts.

Troy M. Valencia's resilience transformed his life from childhood struggles, marked by his single mother's battle with addiction and his own foster system challenges, to academic and professional success in chemistry. Basketball offered a scholarship escape, leading to notable achievements in biochemistry and analytical chemistry.

A spiritual awakening in 2018 pivoted Troy towards a deeper purpose, pursuing East-West Psychology, Spiritual Counseling certification, and a PsyD in Clinical Psychology. Deeply rooted in Central African Bwiti tradition, Troy integrates ancestral wisdom with modern therapy, advocating for spiritual exploration and healing.

Co-founder of Sacred Roots Foundation, Troy fights the colonization of sacred plant medicines, emphasizing indigenous traditions' restoration. He also established Authentic Empowerment and Empower Books to empower others spiritually. Troy's journey from adversity to spiritual guidance, merging ancient wisdom with contemporary healing, illustrates his dedication to cultural preservation and personal growth. In his free time, Troy cherishes moments with his dog and best friend, Blue.

Troy Valencia
Cofounder | Iboga Provider

Joaly Trinidad, affectionately known as 'Jo,' is a remarkable individual with a diverse educational background and a deep connection to ancestral wisdom. Holding both an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Media, as well as a Masters degree in Counseling from NYU, Jo seamlessly integrates modern academia with indigenous practices rooted in her Taino lineage.

As the great-granddaughter of native touch healers, Jo embodies the synthesis of ancient wisdom and contemporary research-based healing methods. Certified as a somatic breathworker, vibrational entrainment healer, yoga instructor, and kambo provider, she brings over 4 years of experience as a lead facilitator guiding Iboga ceremonies.

Jo's Afro-Caribbean roots, tracing back to West/Central Africa, are at the heart of her profound connection to Iboga and her dedication to its service. Co-founding the Sacred Roots Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, Jo commits her life to reciprocity, empowerment, and the preservation of indigenous wisdom traditions, ensuring they thrive for generations to come.

Joaly Trinidad
Cofounder | Iboga Facilitator

Maia Neveu, the heart behind Sunnup, specializes in integration, meditation, ceremony and other forms of soul-centered support.

Maia embodies a spacious and soul-centred approach, supporting people to access their 'full aliveness’. She advocates for the empowerment of all beings by helping her clients to discover the wisdom that resides within the intelligence of their own body, mind and soul. Maia's philosophy of healing and learning is rooted in a diverse foundation of holistic, soul-centric, and nature-based knowledge systems from both Eastern and Western influences. Embracing a client-led approach, she supports individuals to uncover their personal truths and discover what makes them shine. Through this gentle process, she facilitates integration, embodiment, and the cultivation of ways of being that authentically express individual uniqueness.

Maia is a qualified meditation teacher and is currently completing a Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy. In addition to her experience as an Iboga facilitator and psylocibin guide, Maia has diverse personal experience with a range of plant medicines and practices from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledge systems from around the world. Weaving her academic background with a compassionate, soul-centered perspective, Maia’s work with clients is creative, responsive and deeply insightful.

Maia Neveu
Onboarding | Iboga Facilitator

Reed's path to Root and Wisdom is both profound and deeply personal. Having encountered the transformative power of iboga in his battle with addiction, Reed discovered not just a lifeline but a new calling. This pivotal experience was more than a turning point; it was the spark for a dedicated career in the realm of addiction and plant medicine.

Leaving a previous career to embark on this meaningful journey, Reed has since immersed in the world of plant medicine, specifically focusing on aftercare and the crucial integration period that follows an ibogaine experience. At an ibogaine aftercare center, Reed has been instrumental in guiding individuals through their transition, emphasizing the development of healthy lifestyle habits and the importance of a supportive, understanding environment during this critical phase.

Joining the team at Root and Wisdom, Reed brings not only a personal testament to the power of iboga but also a wealth of experience in supporting others post-experience. With a passion for the transformative potential of plant medicine and a dedication to the well-being of those seeking to rewrite their stories, Reed is committed to facilitating a process that respects the profound nature of iboga and the unique journey of every individual who walks through the doors of Root and Wisdom.

Reed Wirthman
On boarding | Screening

Our Medical Board

Our platform is meticulously overseen and guided by a board of experienced medical professionals, each deeply knowledgeable in the Bwiti, Iboga, and other indigenous traditions and medicines. This fusion of Western medical expertise and indigenous wisdom forms the foundation of our approach, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for your personal journey.

Only through this unique alchemy can we create an authentic space dedicated to your safety and conducive to your communion with Iboga.

Dr. Natasha Gómez is a dedicated professional in general medicine and surgical procedures, boasting five years of experience in emergency units and four years of expertise with plant medicine, specializing in Iboga therapy. She is accredited by the American Heart Association in Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support.

During her years of working with Iboga she has observed the medicine's transformative power as a natural therapeutic option for individuals grappling with addiction and withdrawal syndromes. Delving deeper, she has marveled at how Iboga facilitates profound personal growth and self-exploration, inducing introspective experiences often described as deeply psychotherapeutic. These insights have significantly influenced both her medical practice and personal philosophy.

Dr. Natasha Gomez
EKG Screening Specialist

Dr. Douglas Rosales brings a wealth of experience, having dedicated 15 years to guiding over 2000 individuals through transformative traditional Bwiti Iboga plant medicine ceremonies, boasting an impeccable safety record. His extensive research into the medicine equips him uniquely to facilitate profound healing experiences with Iboga. Furthermore, his academic background in psychology adds depth to his approach.

Known for his empathetic and responsive presence, Douglas is always at the ready to offer comprehensive support, addressing the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of healing. His intimate connection with the sacred medicine infuses his practice, creating a space where individuals can embark on deeply personal journeys towards transformation and growth.

Dr. Douglas Rosales
Medical Director

Dr. Hagen Blaszyk's illustrious career spans prestigious institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, where he underwent his postgraduate training, and appointments as Associate Professor at both the University of Vermont and Tufts University. With a remarkable portfolio comprising over 100 scientific papers and book chapters, Dr. Blaszyk has established himself as a leading figure in his field.

As co-founder, CEO, and senior advisor at K9s on The Front Line, he has played a pivotal role in assisting numerous combat Veterans grappling with severe PTSD, TBI, and moral injury to reclaim their lives. Dr. Blaszyk's profound empathy stems from personal experiences, having endured oppression behind the Iron Curtain in a dictatorship. This firsthand understanding fuels his dedication to the principle that freedom is not free.

Dedicated to fostering connections between individuals and organizations, Dr. Blaszyk tirelessly works to effect positive change in the lives of others. His contributions extend beyond mere medical expertise; he offers invaluable insights, oversees aftercare, and implements outcome measures, ensuring the efficacy of the team's efforts.
Dr. Hagen Blaszyk
Iboga Research Consultant

Dr. Anette Scott is a psychiatrist in a private practice in San Antonio, Texas. She has a special interest in integrative psychiatry and functional medicine. Dr. Scott is board certified in psychiatry and neurology. She graduated medical school in Munich, Germany, and completed her residency in psychiatry at the UT-Health Science Center San Antonio. After graduation Dr. Scott opened her private practice in San Antonio with a deep passion to help people and the desire to create treatments for her patients based on each individual person’s specific needs. Psychedelic assisted psychotherapy is another passion and interest of Dr. Scott.

She has been performing Ketamine assisted psychotherapy since 2021 helping her patients achieve fast relief from depression, anxiety and PTSD. In addition to Ketamine, a pharmacological agent, plant-based psychedelic medicines have been a strong interest of Dr. Scott’s due to their ability to offer rapid, deeply transformational psychospiritual and psychosomatic healing when used in their traditional sacred settings. Over a decade ago the African plant medicine Tabernanthe Iboga has been of special interest to Dr. Scott due to this plant medicine’s deep healing properties from both the psychospiritual as well as the neuropharmacological aspects. This interest was further fueled by Dr. Scott’s own powerful transformational psychospiritual experience with Iboga in Costa Rica in 2023.

Dr. Anette Scott
Iboga Psychiatric Consultant