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At Root & Wisdom, we redefine plant medicine beyond the Western focus on ‘healing’ trauma, inspired by the profound wisdom of indigenous teachings. Our approach with Iboga is a journey of reawakening to our inherent wholeness, transcending the idea of healing to embrace the act of remembering our complete and authentic selves.

Integrating indigenous wisdom with the latest in psycho-spiritual and psycho-somatic research, we offer a path that blends ancient practices with modern scientific understanding. This harmonious approach fosters deep self-discovery and transformative growth, inviting you to rediscover your intrinsic perfection.

Embark on a transformative journey with us, where deep remembering is nurtured within a compassionate and safe facilitation container, supported by the latest in therapeutic innovation, indigenous wisdom, and our transformational 8-month guided integration program (PSSEP). 

Our Approach

Beyond Healing

At Root & Wisdom, we embrace a contrarian approach to working with Iboga, stepping away from the Western paradigm of consuming plant medicine solely for ‘healing’ within a trauma-focused culture. Rather, our path honors the depths of the oral teachings we have received from the indigenous wisdom keepers who have elected to share with us—the teaching of our inherent perfection and wholeness.


We witness the transformative process our guests experience not as healing per se; instead, we see it as a matter of remembering—a subtle yet profound distinction. You see, healing, by definition, implies a lack of wholeness, a void to be filled, and therefore the attainment of something. Remembering, however, reveals that wholeness has never left us; it has merely been forgotten, laying a more empowered foundation for both the medicine ceremony and life itself. 


Root & Wisdom

Science and Spirit

Founded by indigenous scholar-practitioners with genetic ties to the origins of Iboga, we maintain a delicate balance between upholding the purity of indigenous customs and blending contemporary neuroscience and research-backed therapeutic practices. Considering science as a modern-day quasi-religion, this union allows the rational (left-brain) thinking mind to find a greater acceptance and surrender to the experience.


This deliberate blend of science and spirit ensures a harmonious journey into self-discovery and transformation, inviting individuals to redefine and articulate their own experiential understanding of spirituality.

Get to Know Our Specialists

Our Team...

Our team is composed of trauma-informed indigenous scholar-practitioners, each bringing advanced graduate-level education and years of experience in plant medicine and psychedelic-assisted therapeutic practices within ritualistic and ceremonial contexts.

Co-Founder/iboga provider

Troy Valencia

co-founder/iboga facilitator

Joaly Trinidad

on boarding/ Facilitator

Maia Neveu

on boarding/

Reed Wirthman


Medical Board

At Root & Wisdom, ensuring the safety of our guests is paramount. We prioritize the well-being of each individual who embarks on our Iboga retreat journey. With a dedicated and experienced medical team on board, we are equipped with the expertise needed to provide a secure environment throughout the retreat experience. From thorough health assessments to personalized care plans, we take every measure to safeguard the physical and emotional welfare of our guests. Your safety is our top priority as you explore the transformative potential of Iboga with us.

Dr. natasha Gomes

Dr. Natasha has been working with Iboga for 4+ years and assists as our EKG screening specialist.

Dr. Douglas Rosales

Dr. Douglas has been working with Iboga for over 15 years serves as our medical director. 

Dr. Hagen Blaszyk

Dr. Blaszyk, a distinguished figure from institutions like the Mayo Clinic, assists as our Iboga research consultant.

Dr. Anette Scott

Psychiatrist specializing in integrative psychiatry inspired by her own experiences, she is of service to Iboga as our contraindications specialist.

Our Programs


Scholarship Opportunities

We proudly offer scholarships to visit our center, making the transformative power of our programs accessible to those ready for change. Explore the opportunity to embark on a journey of healing and growth with us.



Our facilitator training program offers comprehensive live and e-based training, coupled with personalized one-on-one coaching, designed to equip those aspiring to work in the psychedelic space with the experience and skills necessary for success. Join us to embark on a path of profound learning and professional development.
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We organize and accompany women on initiatory journeys to Africa, where they can immerse themselves in the Mabanji tradition, tracing its roots to the Dissouma and the ancestral teachings of the Bwiti. This distinctive experience provides a profound connection to spirituality and sisterhood.
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Integrative Living

When you decide to join us, you will be given access to an extensive 8-month PSSEP e-based support program meticulously designed to prepare you before your arrival and to assist in your integrative process post-Iboga. This one-of-a-kind comprehensive approach, combining online resources, interactive tools, and continuous guidance, ensures a transformative experience that nurtures your continued success and well-being.

Your Holistic Jounrey Includes

Your time with Iboga is only a fraction of the journey; our program has integrated preparatory and
post-program support for a truly holistic healing experience.


Onboarding Support

1-1 Prep Integration Coaching
e-Integration Platform Access (PSEP)



Group transportation to and from the Dominica Airport (DOM)



Eco friendly luxury capsule homes in the middle of a lush rainforest sanctuary


Organic Meals

Farm to table meals tailored to your dietary needs


Medical Consultation

1-1 Consultation with staff Medical Professionals


Spiritual Practices

Medicine Informed Yoga, Somatic Breathwork, Applied Mindfulness, Group Pranic Energy Healing


Iboga Ceremonies

2 Iboga Sessions, 1 Guided, Psycho-Spiritual Iboga Jounrey


Indigenous Healing Practices

Bwiti Spiritual Shower, Bwiti Smoke Bathe


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