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True Support = Lasting change

The Psycho-Spiritual Empowerment Program (PSEP) at Root and Wisdom is anchored in the principle of integrative living, transforming every moment into a step towards embodying the wisdom of Iboga. By unveiling how thoughts lead to choices, which manifest as actions and ultimately shape our reality, the PSEP equips you to sculpt a life aligned with your most profound insights actively.

Iboga’s interaction with GDNF proteins enhances neuroplasticity, laying a fertile foundation for change, while its effect on the nervous system opens a pathway to regulation and balance.

This journey is not merely about integration but about embracing a ceremonial approach to life, where Iboga’s profound healing and awakening potentials nurture continuous transformation.

what makes us different

Psyco-Spiritual Empowerment Program


The prep phase of the PSEP offers an introductory tour of our e-learning platform, enriched with insights into the Bwiti tradition and Iboga, complemented by yoga and breathwork, alongside personalized coaching to fully ready both mind and body for the transformative path ahead.


The preparatory phase seamlessly transitions into the Iboga experience, grounding participants in Bwiti wisdom and holistic practices to ensure a profound, transformative journey begins with clarity and readiness.

Integrative Living

The post-retreat phase of the PSEP enriches your journey with comprehensive coaching, advanced e-learning modules, and extensive support features, empowering you to meticulously craft the life you envision with newfound insights and clarity.


Our approach is anchored in a data-driven methodology, meticulously blending empirical research with traditional wisdom, ensuring each aspect of the PSEP is informed by proven outcomes and tailored to foster deep, meaningful transformation.


The PSEP fosters a strong sense of community, connecting guests with like-minded individuals and mentors, creating a supportive network that enriches the transformative journey with shared experiences and collective wisdom.


Crafting the PSEP, we've meticulously selected contributors, each uniquely gifted in their respective arts, uniting as one to offer unparalleled support. This collective of exceptional teachers and leaders ensures our guests receive comprehensive, unmatched guidance throughout their transformative journey.