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Our philosophical approach towards working with Iboga is innovative when compared to the Western paradigm of a trauma-ridden culture hyper-focused on ‘healing.’ However, compared to the beliefs of various indigenous wisdom traditions, like the Bwiti and Toltec, we are only rediscovering what they have long since known and taught orally from generation to generation—the teaching of our perfection.

At Root & Wisdom, we do not advocate an approach of healing per se; instead, we see the transformative process our guests experience as a matter of remembering. This might sound subtle, but searching for healing implies a lack of wholeness by definition and, therefore, a seeking to attain something. Whereas the quest for remembering only means that we have forgotten something we once knew and allows space for our wholeness and perfection to be the ground upon which we stand as we come to work with these sacred plant medicines. This indigenous perspective conveys a profound and empowering approach to personal transformation.

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Our Philosophy

We understand Iboga as a spiritual tool that aids humanity in overcoming suffering and unlocking the seeds of enlightenment that are our inherent birthright. Our mission is to seamlessly merge ancient indigenous healing practices and wisdom with the latest developments in neuropsychology and psycho-somatic therapeutic modalities, providing our guests with a unique psycho-spiritual journey through Iboga. Our offerings surpass the typical retreat model, combining cutting-edge scientific research with experiential spiritual insights personal to you.

Our team consists of trauma-informed, graduate education-level scholar-practitioners who have direct genetic ties to the source of the medicine and the people who are its appointed bearers, allowing for a holistic approach towards space holding and selfless service.As a subsidiary of a non-profit organization, we are committed to ensuring that these life-altering healing practices are available to everyone while also giving back to the indigenous communities that have preserved these traditions for generations.


About Root & Wisdom

Root & Wisdom

As children, we each existed in a world of imagination and magic. When we felt pain, we cried; when we felt joy, we filled the air with a burst of contagious laughter that brought a smile to anyone within range of hearing. We lived entirely in the truth of our perfection.
However, as we grew and our intellect developed, we began to lose sight of this truth; influenced by the conditioning of unconscious parenting, religious doctrines, societal pressures/influences, and unintegrated moments of trauma, we began to forget the truth of our perfection. The impact of this conditioning leads us to seek an elusive image of perfection and healing outside ourselves that simply does not exist, perpetuating a cycle of self-rejection and inadequacy. In this relentless pursuit of an external ideal, we distance ourselves from the innate truth that everything we seek already exists within and that, however we are, is perfect. ​
At Root and Wisdom, we have come to experience Iboga as a spiritual technology that transcends healing to help us remember our perfection, our divinity, and our wholeness. With the tool of Iboga, the innate voice of wisdom rooted within our souls is amplified, allowing your conscious self to witness its teachings in clarity and depth, ultimately leading to a remembering of our perfection and thus quenching the pursuit of healing while still allowing for the continued development and unfolding of our spiritual selves.