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Our Programs


We proudly offer scholarships to visit our center, making the transformative power of our programs accessible to those ready for change. Explore the opportunity to embark on a journey of healing and growth with us.

Facilitator Training

Our facilitator training program offers comprehensive live and e-based training, coupled with personalized one-on-one coaching, designed to equip those aspiring to work in the psychedelic space with the experience and skills necessary for success. Join us to embark on a path of profound learning and professional development.

Women's Initiation

We organize and accompany women on initiatory journeys to Africa, where they can immerse themselves in the Mabanji tradition, tracing its roots to the Dissouma and the ancestral teachings of the Bwiti. This distinctive experience provides a profound connection to spirituality and sisterhood.

Scholarship Opportunities

Embarking on a journey to commune with the medicine is a profoundly transformative experience, a privilege that holds immense significance. Yet, regrettably, this privilege remains beyond the reach of many due to the associated costs. At the core of our ethos lies a commitment to ensuring accessibility, particularly for individuals of African descent, recognizing the vital importance of making this medicine available to all who seek its wisdom.

In pursuit of this goal, we are proud to offer scholarship opportunities, thus breaking down barriers and making it possible for more individuals to partake in the profound journey of sitting with Iboga.


Facilitator Training

A wise medicine man once imparted to us the profound truth that caring cannot simply be taught—it is innate. Iboga, meaning "to care for", encapsulates this sentiment beautifully.

As stewards of this sacred medicine, we approach the responsibility with utmost reverence. In our commitment to upholding the integrity of Iboga ceremonies and facilitating transformative psychospiritual journeys, we recognize the importance of offering comprehensive training. These sessions delve into essential aspects such as maintaining integrity, ensuring safety, and fostering profound experiences with Iboga.

Stay tuned for more details on upcoming training opportunities, as we continue to honor the wisdom of the medicine and share it with the world.

Women's Mabanji Initiation

African traditional coffee roasting process by local tribes in mountain regions

The Bwiti tradition boasts several branches, each with its own distinct practices and beliefs. According to origin stories, it was women who first ventured into the realm of Iboga, initiating the exploration of its medicinal properties. Among these branches, the Mabanji, originating from the Dissumba, stands out as an all-female sect within the Bwiti community.

Their initiation ceremonies are shrouded in mystique, conducted deep within the lush jungles accessible only after a rigorous two-day journey. To receive initiation from the revered Babongo women, also known as pygmies, is considered a profound honor and privilege within this tradition.

Our mission is to extend these transformative voyages, offering extraordinary opportunities to women who feel drawn to this sacred offering. Such journeys not only facilitate personal growth but also foster a deeper understanding of the Babongo culture, paving the way for reciprocal relationships and sacred connections.